daily life at rokka

The day begins with a good breakfast and then it’s each to their post. You are more than welcome to join any of us in our daily duties.

You could start your day very early with Kostas, out on the farm, where you can just watch or help out with the milking and feeding of the sheep.

You could also head out with Lakis who does a lot of different jobs depending on the season, so with him you could be doing anything from sowing wheat or harvesting lentils and grains for the animals.

When you are not heading out and about, you will find Lena and mama Katina in the kitchen. Lena is in charge of breakfast with her artisanal jams, butter and yoghurt and mama Katina is usually busy making fresh cheese or preparing all those evening meals to be enjoyed in the dining room and the scenic courtyard. Everything that you taste at Rokka is made in our kitchen and you can help out too, if you would like to learn how to make bread, butter and yoghurt all from scratch.

Outside of the kitchen, you can join Lena in her creative and colourful workshop where she enjoys sharing her passion for weaving and felting using natural and traditional tools, a unique opportunity for you to make a little wooly something of your own.